Montana Mata Hari in a Motorcade

Dear One, I stir the honey in my tea and watch the steam rise off the hot liquid into my cold kitchen. The season has changed. The vapor surrounds the tiny glass robin that sits on my windowsill, its breast a perfect match for the fiery red-orange tree across the street.  Where did the summer… Continue reading Montana Mata Hari in a Motorcade

Guaranteed to Woo

I am now going to give away, free mind you, the secret for wooing a lover. It works. I’ve done it. You have my word. If you follow this — well, I don’t want to call it a spell — this charm — I like that, let’s call it a charm, you’ll find an ardent… Continue reading Guaranteed to Woo

My Island Lover: Dog’s Town

          Erotilogue: Something of a cross between a travelogue and erotica. I think this is my own word. I don’t find it in the dictionary, but it rolled right out of my brain and onto my tongue as familiar and comfy as a well-washed T- shirt and it suits this record of… Continue reading My Island Lover: Dog’s Town

Fire and Ice

I was speeding. Lifting my eyes, I checked the rear view mirror. Safe — so far so good. I’m always speeding on my way to work. Perpetually late you know, for a very important date. (If you’ve been following my blog you already know about the gypsy curse. It had me in its merciless grasp… Continue reading Fire and Ice

Long Distance Relations

           I’m not getting lost this time. Yet, the probabilities were not in my favor. I’d be traveling in the dark and in the snow. Five miles in off the highway, all back roads. How would I watch for the two blue silos that told me I’d nearly arrived? I’d gotten lost the last time… Continue reading Long Distance Relations

Workin’ for a livin’, (part one)

“Baby, what you doing?” Railyn asked via Whatsapp, the free internet app that lets us call and text on and off all day long, our sole means of contact since my return. I set my paintbrush on the lid of the paint can and held down the little record button on my phone. “Working, as… Continue reading Workin’ for a livin’, (part one)